Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing practised by shamans in indigenous cultures all over the world.

Shamanic Healing is supported by the natural world and by spirit helpers such as power animals and spirit teachers/guides. Sound (with drum, rattle, voice etc.) is usually an important part of a healing ceremony to connect with the spirit world and to enhance the healing.

Shamanic healingI was introduced to the world of Shamanism in 1992 on attending a workshop ‘The Way of the Drum’ with Sami shaman Anneka. After the workshop I was able to give up smoking and the next day encountered my power animal in a nearby forest. Since then I have deepened my awareness of this way of connecting with Spirit and Mother Earth through my own practice and undertaking ongoing training with Northern Drum Shamanic Centre. There are three main threads to the Shamanic Healing:

Soul Retrieval

in which parts of the soul which have been lost due to traumatic events, are retrieved by the practitioner and restored to the client to bring about wholeness and healing.


in which negative energies which are bringing disharmony to the client’s energy field are removed.

Cord cutting

 in which negative ties to other people are cut, thus aiding both parties.

All Shamanic Healing I practise includes balancing and energising the energy body with the aid of voice, drum, rattle, hands-on-healing and above all my spirit allies!

Space Clearing/Blessing and Psychopomp (helping stuck souls to move on) also available. Please contact me for more information.

Shamanic Healing - 2 hours

Here is an extract from one client’s description of her personal experience of Shamanic Healing (including Soul Retrieval):

Shamanic Healing

"Val's skilful and gentle approach made the soul retrieval an incredibly moving and positive experience."

Nicki S, Bristol


Nicki S, Bristol

"Val's skilful and gentle approach made the soul retrieval an incredibly moving and positive experience."

Retrieving my Soul

“When I went to see Valerie Stagg she explained that all kinds of shocks and experiences in our lives can cause us to lose pieces of our soul. She asked me to talk about any incidences in my life, which I felt might have caused this to happen to me. I told her about my experience of having breast cancer and its treatment. I found Val very easy to talk to.

Val then carefully explained to me what she was going to do. She said she would use a rattle, drum, chant and dance around for a while. She explained that when she found a piece of my soul she would blow it back into me through the chakra in my solar plexus. I lay on a mat the floor, she made me comfortable with a cushion under my knees and a blanket over me and I closed my eyes. Val blew into my chakra on three different occasions and after the first one I found myself feeling happy. At the end I realised that I had a big grin on my face.

After the session, Val explained that she had retrieved three pieces of my soul. One from when the doctor had told me I had cancer, another was to do with the physical effects of my treatment and the third, which really surprised me, was from my grandmother who had taken it when she died! Val explained that people dear to us can sometimes take a piece of our souls with them because they want to keep us close. My grandmother had refused to part with it at first and then did so only on condition that I thank her! My reaction to that was ‘What a cheek, it’s my soul!’ Talking it through with Val and remembering the time my grandmother died I realised that I may well have given it to her in some way. I was feeling very lost and sad at the time.

Val with her skilful and gentle approach made the soul retrieval an incredibly moving and positive experience. Some years ago I would have laughed at the idea but I knew that I felt incomplete somehow and this has helped me to feel whole again. I am looking forward to further sessions and retrieving more pieces of my soul and would recommend soul retrieval with Val to anyone who feels they may have lost some of their soul along the way.”

Nicki S., Bristol