Shiatsu, Reiki, Sound and Shamanic Healing in Cornwall with Val Stagg

Welcome to the website of Valerie Stagg

I have been on a conscious healing path for many years and began working professionally as a Shiatsu Practitioner in 1997 and then became a Reiki Master and Teacher in 1998. I am a trained singer and, using powerful vocal techniques such as Overtone Singing, have developed a unique way of working with voice, body and subtle energies in workshops and one-to-one sessions. In 1992 I began my journey with Shamanism and am now a Shamanic Practitioner, trained by Chris Luttichau of Northern Drum Shamanic Centre.

Supporting Individuals on their Paths

Enjoying the creative combination of voice, body, mind and spirit, I have a way of being with people, which can help enable them to develop creatively and spiritually in a safe, supportive space. This may take the form of an individually tailored healing session, which will incorporate techniques from Shamanism, Reiki, Shiatsu and Sound Healing. Or, on workshops and retreats. I also train people in Reiki and shamanism.


As a professionally trained jazz singer, I perform jazz, chansons and my own songs. I live in West Cornwall and feel inspired and nourished by the land, sea and earth energies there.


I am a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network and the UK Reiki Federation and am committed to ongoing personal and professional development.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of my work, please feel welcome to get in touch.