Here are some links that you may find useful…

Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network
An organisation for practitioners who share a common philosophy and approach to voice and song work.

Arts for Health Cornwall
A charity working to promote the role of the creative arts in improving health and wellbeing.

Survival International
An international organisation supporting the rights of tribal peoples across the world.

Boswedden House
A healing and retreat centre in the countryside close to St. Just in West Cornwall.

Archie Browns
A health food shop, therapy space and cafe in Penzance, with a branch in Truro housing a vegetarian cafe and health food shop.

Northern Drum Shamanic Centre
Shamanic training workshops and healing services, run by Chris Luttichau.

Penzance Natural Health Centre
A centre offering the services of a range of natural health practitioners, along with general information and advice about complementary therapies.

Reiki Pages
A Reiki web directory and blog.

Katrin Werner Focusing
Experiential Psychotherapy, Focusing Oriented Therapy and Counselling with Katrin Werner in West Cornwall.