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Val offers the following workshops: Body and Soul Singing, Voicing the Soul, Celebrating the Wild Woman and Shamanic Sounds. Please see below or get in touch with Val on 01736 361146 to find out about forthcoming dates.

Body and Soul Singing

Offered as a ten week course or one-day workshop to free up the natural voice and help to balance body, mind and spirit, using a combination of vocal techniques and bodywork. Breath, voice and movement are creatively combined to enable participants to discover their own singing ability and also receive the benefits that holistically oriented voicework can give, e.g. increased self-confidence, relaxation of muscles, better breathing and enhanced creative expression. Songs from different traditions, with an emphasis on earth-based spirituality are also shared.

logo for Voicing the Soul workshop, which gives the title Voicing the SoulVoicing the Soul

A one-day workshop which explores the Voice/Soul connection by tuning into the body and the energy field and expressing what is found there through sound and voice. Val has developed a powerful process using the Chakra system in which participants can find and vocalise their own affirmations and healing sounds. Stillness and sound is further explored through meditation and Tuvan overtone singing.

Logo for Wild Woman workshop - drawing of woman dancingCelebrate the Wild Woman through Voice, Body and Soul

Offered as a residential weekend or one-day workshop. A transformative workshop which aims to explore and express the Wild Woman within using voice, movement, shamanic journeys, meditations and connection to Mother Earth. Ceremonial celebration of our womanhood, provision of a safe and sacred space to freely and creatively express our true natures help to make this workshop into an enjoyable adventure of discovery.

Shamanic Sounds

A one-day workshop, which provides an opportunity to journey to meet your power animal, experience the power of healing sound with drum, voice and rattle and also learn Mongolian Overtone Singing.

Val has extensive experience of working with a wide range of groups and as well as her own workshop programme, she also regularly runs sessions for Arts for Health Cornwall with older people, Sing Up with schoolchildren and Space for You, for people with mental health issues.